Thursday, February 16, 2012

Positive Effects Of Music On Teenagers

In my last blog post, I covered the negative effects of music on teens. This week, I will cover the other side of things; The positive effects.

(1)“Music can be a positive force for mental health, calming, relaxing, intellectually stimulating. This is true for adults, teens and children. Music can, and does, affect our emotions, it can create "channels" in our mind, patterns of thinking…”
Music, which can just as easily influence negative behaviors, can also provoke a positive outlook on life and the changes that come secondhand with that. Like in the quote above, music is a positive force for mental health. It’s like a broom made of silk fibers that gently whisks your troubles away (Of course, that would probably only work if you were listening to a song in a major key). Feel  free to disagree, but after a day at school (or even work.. ) I feel like crud. Individuals might find themselves tensed up from the school day. Something could have gone wrong or just the drive or bus ride back home was hectic. It’s nice to be able to sit down to a track you enjoy and unwind from the rat race of the day.

The constant sound of something keeps the mind sharp and aware. Your brain becomes ever so vigilant and you start to absorb information easier and quicker. While listening to music, your brain is in constant motion. It keeps processing the noise and, in turn, keeps your brain stimulated. It’s like throwing a piece of Dentyne at the metaphorical mouth in your mind… This isn’t to say that some people don’t get distracted and would much rather have no music as compared to any at all. But for the sake of argumentative writing and to keep my point on the positive effects of music, I think I will assume for now that everyone likes listening to music while studying.

If nothing else, music could save a life. Pretty dramatic, pretty cliché. But it’s true. Teenagers are moody, though some are not as bad as others. Sometimes to a point where no reconciliation can be made. I’m sure there are a few individuals that are alive today that have a song to thank for helping them through a time of turmoil.



  1. In my opinion, listening to or making music definitely can be extremely effective in keeping a positive outlook on life and getting through everything. I personally know someone who has gone through life with very little support, and so far it seems to me the only thing keeping him going is the band he makes music with. However, sometimes I find that listening to music can be counter-productive. Perhaps it's only me, but I often find myself slipping into some kind of a trance and being distracted when I stop to work something out while listening to music. In a scientific experiment, music was found to negatively affect introverts, but at the same time extroverts' performances on cognitive tests were somewhat improved. With those results, I suppose it just depends on what kind of person you are.

  2. I agree that music can help affect your mood and help you to complete tasks but as for keeping you alive- i'd say it has a lot more to do with the support of friends and family in a time of turmoil rather than just the lyrics of a song that hit home. Music can do many things, but sadly it doesn't really help solve the complex problems and web of mixed feelings and relationships in the lives of teenagers. I believe it is helpful, but to an extent, like it can help to calm you down with soothing music and give you time to disconnect and think, but what really helps is what you do after you have become centered.

  3. i agree music has change many peoples lives and it has also save many children's lives by giving them something to strive for rather than go out a hang in the streets.